Friday, November 28, 2014

Opening Day!!!

It's been a long time dream of mine and Brandon's to groom a family of snowboarders. I will admit, with Tori and Brighton who hate wearing snow clothes, are weirdly picky about how their shoes fit, and cannot tolerate being wet even a little, I didn't think the day would come that we would go let alone actually have a ton of fun, but with opening day upon us, and a ski resort just over an hour away, we figured it was time to see if these two would fit the buck ; ) We enticed them with promises of riding a magic carpet, and it worked. 

Brighton had to wear his goggles at all times on the way up. 
Freezing but excited!!
After getting the kids their rentals, we took them on one test run supporting all their weight the whole way down the bunny hill. It was painful, so Brandon concluded that we were just going to let them go for it on their own.
Tori giggled, snowboarded, giggled more, got bored at how slow we were, went ahead,  would crash, eat snow, and giggle more. I was so impressed! I really didn't expect them to like being strapped to a board, so imagine my excitement when they both acted like they had done this several times before. My heart burst about 20 different times.  
Brighton didn't like his girl gloves, but forgot all about them each time he crashed and would say, "That was awesome!"  
Sometimes I struggle being their's a thankless job. So, I needed a day like today to admire their adventurous, playful, and determined spirits that I sometimes forget in the midst of tantrums.  
Brighton didn't want to give his snowboard back at the end of the day. And I couldn't blame him. 
These things are adorable. I need like twenty more of them with twenty more babies to put in them...or like one. 
So Red Lodge, Montana is my favorite of favorites. It's the most charming resort town nestled in a little valley at the base of the mountain. Aesthetically and geographically, it is everything I want in a town we settle in someday. I cannot say enough. If you haven't been you should, if you don't think it's worth it, you're wrong.

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Eric Brie Tayli and Dre said...

Tori looks so grown up! crazy! Tay said she wants to snowboard like Tor! Sounds like we need to get together............